Excursions Viorica Cosmetic

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The Beauty Museum offers interactive programs for adults and children, during which visitors will be able to test their skills in making handmade cosmetics and the subtleties of the art of distinguishing different perfumes and flavors.

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Workshop for children at the Beauty Museum Excursions Veronica Cosmetic

A unique activity for children during which they will independently prepare several types of cosmetics, which they will later give as a gift to their mothers.


Workshop for children

The children will prepare cosmetics that will be given to their mothers later, they will receive the diploma of Little Master Cosmetologist.


A unique activity during which you will have the chance to know more about the history of world perfumes, but also to create your own aromas. With the help of this workshop you can give color

Ce este inclus

  • Transport tur- retur
  • Workshop at the Beauty Museum
  • Good mood

Ce nu este inclus

  • Lunch

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